Aardvarck – Indo E.P (SKUDGE-PT003)

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Long time Skudge favorite Aardvarck has a extensive catalog, where
quality and quantity seem to go hand in hand. After doing a excellent
job of shaking and twisting down the big ‘Convolution’ track, Aardvarck
now sees his own production on the third record on Skudge Presents.

On the A side, ‘Yogya’ walks all over most tracks today—a hint of some
lost 12″, long forgotten in the haze of the mid-90’s, blended and tuned
in into today’s standards, this is a track made for the future, where
styles really collide in a very unique way.

‘Brawa’ is leaning more towards a swinging sound, where the funk has all
emphasis and weight. A track that goes well in hand with pretty much

Last but not least, ‘Tengenan’ is a excellent and near perfect example
what happens if you let loose. A soundtrack to a night where everything
is forgotten and forgiven, a theme for a place where we do what ever we
want to do.